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Patrol Offset was established at 1997 as a small local printing house in Kurtkoy district in Istanbul. With passion and great effort, Patrol has tried to meet customer`s demand by offering them extraordinary solutions in order to give them flexibility and price advantages.

22 years of experience brought many improvements to our company. Patrol offset has specialized in packaging boxes during this time.

Patrol Offset always been innovative and open to new technologies.

We all are learning by doing!

Patrol offset is more than a printing company from the establishment to until now. We are open to listening to our customers offer about how to well cooperate, we develop a customized relationship with each customer so that we keep our cooperation for years.

Patrol Offset recently is a well-known offset printing company in Turkey, serving the entire business community from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. With our 13000 m² closed manufacturing area and 195 personnel, we are a huge family and

we are all at your service.